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An Album Sampler

"Nearly every topic under the sun" is collected and traded within CPCC. Each member may favor, or specialize in one or more themes as in some of the examples listed below. Not an "official" list but convenient groupings of categories and sub-categories, representing card issues from the new to the very old. Each individual collection showcases personal interests -- often areas of expertise -- sometimes 'souvenirs' of one's occupation, avocation, and/or travels.

To VIEW a small sampling out of many possible collecting themes, simply click on each boldfaced main topic heading in the following. These illustrations will be periodically changed for your future website visits. Also note, each card illustrated here represents hundreds, in some cases thousands more within its category -- abundant 'hunting grounds' for every collectors' ongoing quest.

Arts: -Performing arts (music, dance) -Literature -The movies -stage plays -TV shows -Famous cartoon characters -Famous paintings & illustrators -Classic erapin-up art -Other pop/contemporary art

Ads: - Early advertising art -Ads, various industries -Company logos -Labor unions, clubs (Lions, Shriners, etc.) -Famous ad characters - Foods, beverages, etc., -Reproductions, vintage poster art (Also see "Museum Treasures")

Geographical -- Environment: U.S. states -Cities, nations, famed sites worldwide (world flora & fauna) -Sea life  -Birds  -Animals (dogs, cats, horses, wildlife)  -Flowers  -Scenery (Ethnic costumes/scenes)   -old European, Latin American, Mideast, Asia, Africa, American Indian, Polynesian, etc.

Historical: "Patriotic" cards of various nations -Scenes of historical eras  - U.S. Presidents  -Royal families, various nations   -Other famous people  -Worlds Fair issues

Military, Institutional: (Mil.)  -Ancient arms, heraldry, Clan Tartans  -Land/sea/air forces  -Service crests  -Forts, bases   -Various wartime era issues  -Weapons  -Uniforms, all eras (Institutional)   -Govt. seals (White House, FBI, Air Force One, etc.)  -Police, fire departments -Colleges & universities  -Churches, religions

Sports & gaming: -Baseball  -football  -basketball   -hockey  -soccer  -golf  -tennis  -Winter sports   -Hunting/fishing  -Horse racing  -Automobile,other motor racing   -Olympic issues  -College teams  -Casinos

Transportation: -Aircraft, all eras Aerospace, NASA, etc.   -Hot air balloons  -Airline issues  -Automobiles, all eras   -Railroad issues  -Sailing ships  -Steamships, cruise line issues   -Other nautical themes

Vintage & misc: -Old Wides/Narrows  -Museum Treasures series (antiques and collectibles pictured on cards) -- ancient artifacts, statuary, stained glass, jewelry, textiles, stamps and coins on cards, much more   -Design/filigree backs, other misc.

Card Fronts: -Unique aces, jokers  -Special card face designs (foreign issues, non-standard novelty, souvenir, etc.)


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