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Card Fronts

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  "Putting their best faces forward" as highly versatile little ‘design palettes.’ Aces bear old-line makers names or host of other motifs. Distinct jokers number in the thousands. Countless personas, fictional and real, have been cast as K-Q-Js. Very old concepts are Souvenir decks, with thematic images on each face; and Transformation decks, blending pips (suit symbols) into each different card face picture.

Not all such variants the fare of card players, who want the familiar look of ‘standard’ cards. But issued as novelties, keepsakes, advertising, often instructional aids. "Uncommon" cards sought by collectors may run from stylized antiques of quaint beauty, to specialty or amusing themes, to traditional designs of different countries. (More on the scope of card design, to come shortly.)

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